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Aussie Farmers Living With A Disability

Numerous Australian farmers, despite living with disabilities, have deliberately chosen the rural lifestyle over city living. For them, the great outdoors isn’t just a preference; it’s a fundamental part of who they are. This decision can be confusing to many, as the common narrative often suggests that they should move to the city for easier access to amenities and office jobs. However, the farm isn’t just a workplace for them it’s their sanctuary, their livelihood, and their passion.

Asking them to abandon their farms and relocate to urban areas isn’t just asking for a change of scenery. It’s asking them to sacrifice a significant part of their identity. For these farmers, their connection to the land runs deep, and the thought of leaving it behind is unthinkable. Farming isn’t just a job to them, but a way of life that they’ve dedicated themselves to wholeheartedly.

Despite the challenges they may face due to their disabilities, these farmers find immense fulfillment and purpose in their work. Their resilience and determination to continue farming against all odds speak volumes about their commitment to their way of life. So, while others may not fully understand their decision to stay on the farm, for these farmers, there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

The Action Trackchair gives farmers more freedom

The Action Trackchair has given farmers back their freedom, allowing them to access every part of the farm. The all-terrain wheelchairs go through a rigorous controlled ability test as well as real-world testing and demanding conditions. This involves mud, sand, snow, and water.

The testing was designed to break it, so you don’t. To survive the brutal testing the Action Trackchair® demanded durability capability and an innovative design. The Action Trackchair® is designed to provide freedom and independence to as many people as possible.

The Action Trackchair helps to maintain an active lifestyle in a wheelchair, offering versatility through two distinct track options:

The Type I track provides a bouncy ride on flat surfaces such as concrete. Despite this, its design, with centre knobs, ensures enhanced durability in slippery or sticky terrains like red clay mud or wet snow.

On the other hand, the Type II track offers a smooth ride, minimising bouncing or jarring sensations on concrete. However, its grooves may more readily accumulate wet snow or red clay mud, potentially reducing traction. Nevertheless, accessibility to various terrains like sand, ice, dirt, and gravel remains seamless.

Why farmers need to speak up

 Support for farmers living with disabilities is often lacking, leading many to return to city life to access necessary assistance. However, for these farmers, the countryside holds their heart, and they yearn to return to their farms where they belong. It’s a part of their identity, deeply ingrained and cherished.

Fortunately, as more farmers voice their needs, change is underway. There’s a growing acknowledgment of the importance of stronger support systems in rural areas, especially for those with disabilities. Innovations like the Action Trackchair have been game-changers, allowing farmers to navigate all terrains with ease.

Diversity and inclusion are essential across all sectors, including agriculture and rural communities. Spreading awareness and fostering supportive environments benefits everyone involved. By embracing inclusivity, we not only empower individuals with disabilities but also enrich the fabric of our communities.

Changing LIVES

Changing the lives of thousands of individuals

The Action Trackchair is patented for its design and functionality, with features unmatched on any other tracked or all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain.

Swing-up arms, adjustable footrests, accessory receivers surrounding the chair, 3 models, dozens of colour combinations, and many more options allow the customer to create a Trackchair that meets their needs.


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