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a whole new opportunity for hunting for me


“Since I received my Action Trackchair it has opened a whole new opportunity for hunting for me. Prior to my Action Trackchair I would use a power wheelchair or a UTV. Now I can get in places that I couldn’t get with either and I don’t have to worry about getting stuck. Last deer season, using my Action Trackchair I shot a deer that was located where I would never have been able to get to before, but my chair got me there! The Action Trackchair whether used for hunting, fishing or just getting into the outdoors is great! Even my grandkids like to get a ride when we go for a stroll in the woods or down by the creek.”

The Evolution Of Action Trackchair


“After my injury I didn’t think I would ever see the outdoor the way I’d grown up with and loved. But with the Action Trackchair I’m now able to motor throw brush and over tundra by myself. This freedom is something I have been dreaming about since my injury. This Action Trackchair has greatly improved my attitude for life.”

The Evolution Of Action Trackchair


“The difference between attending outdoor activities and being fully involved in outdoor activities has been the use of a Action Track Chair. For 33 years I have been attending snowmobile snow cross events across the upper Midwest and until this year I have always been “placed” in the best viewing spot but that is where I stayed. With the use of the Action Track Chair I was able to move about the entire race course and roam the complete pit area visiting with friends like never before. I cant wait to use the Track Chair this spring and summer. It has been over 30 years since I have been on the beach next to the water without being stuck in one spot. My family and friends have always kept me involved in outdoor activities, pushing or pulling my wheelchair through the roughest terrain and to the most remote locations imaginable. Now I can go to those same spots and further on my own. My Family and Friends thank everyone at Action Track Chair.”

a whole new opportunity for hunting for me


“My wife is the same but her world has changed since she met you!! Now she is out and about and you can’t stop her from anything It’s amazing once she is in it she has her freedom back. Everyday she is on that thing from getting the kids off the bus to playing in the yard. It has changed the whole family’s life – it is such a blessing.”

a whole new opportunity for hunting for me


“Action Trackchair, has meant the difference to me of really living without fear! I am able to go places and do things that I haven’t been able to do for 16 years. All with the confidence that I will be able to get there and get back out again! It has redefined the statement confined to a wheelchair. Sure I am still in a chair, but I don’t feel confined near as much. This off-road wheelchair is no less than a life changer! It is definitely the ultimate off-road wheelchair!”

The Evolution Of Action Trackchair


“Back in the Hunt” That statement sums up what the Action Trackchair has done for me. I love the outdoors. Fishing and hunting rank near the top of my outdoor experiences. My mobility issues are no longer a concern when planning a hunt. Tim’s Action Trackchair concept allows me to pursue all that South Dakota has to offer the outdoorsman. I have proven to myself and others the usefullness of the trackchair while hunting deer, antelope, turkey, and pheasants. I really like the silent operation of the trackchair. Severall deer have fallen due to the Stealth mode of the Action Trackchair. The camo pattern of the trackchair with the right choice of camouflage clothing makes me virtually invisible to the big game I pursue. Thanks, Tim and crew, for your ‘out of the box’ thinking! “Back in the Hunt and Life is Good.”


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