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New Axis 30 Coming To Australia

Introducing the Axis 30, a revolutionary all-terrain wheelchair designed for adventure enthusiasts who crave freedom in a sleeker, more manageable form. Unlike the robust Action Trackchair, the Axis 30 is tailored for individuals seeking a slimmer alternative without compromising on performance. Coming soon to Australia, this compact and stylish wheelchair boasts a 30-inch track width for enhanced movement.

What sets the Axis 30 apart?

  • Compact and sleek track width of 30 inches
  • Improved transportability for hassle-free mobility
  • Enhanced comfort for extended outdoor adventures
  • Improved performance to extend your exploration range
  • Built-in vibration dampeners for a smoother ride on rough terrains.

What features does the Axis 30 have?

The Action Trackchair 30 is just as good as any of the AXIS models. What sets it apart is its sleek track of only 30 inches, which allows users to access narrow trails and pathways.

It includes:

  • 20-amp battery charger with easy-access plug-in port
  • 3.4 combined Horsepower PMDC motors
  • Dual-port USB charger
  • Flat cushioned Comfort Company armrests with 2 Velcro pockets & 4 open pockets/cup holder
  • Comfort Company cushion and backrest
  • Flip-up/adjustable footrest
  • Type II tracks
  • Zinc primer coat
  • Lap seat belt
  • Fully adjustable arms (width, height & length) that independently flip up
  • Various upgrade options available.

Why you need an Action Trackchair

Whether you choose the slimmer Axis 30 Trackchair, or one of the other models, it’s a decision you won’t regret. The many benefits include:

  • Enhanced accessibility: The Action Trackchair breaks barriers, letting users reach places regular wheelchairs can’t. It’s a game-changer for those who love the outdoors, providing newfound independence and freedom with easy navigation across various terrains.
  • Improved health: Opting for an off-road wheelchair like the Action Trackchair opens up possibilities for engaging in outdoor activities. This enhances upper body strength and raises the heart rate, promoting a more active lifestyle and reaping the health benefits of fresh air exposure.
  • Mental health boost: Beyond physical health, the Action Trackchair brings immediate positive impacts on mental well-being. Reclaiming freedom leads to reduced stress, an uplifted mood, better sleep, and a clearer mindset, contributing to enduring benefits for users.
  • Active social life: Owning an off-road wheelchair like the Action Trackchair makes it easier to engage in activities with friends and family, especially for those with an active lifestyle. Saying yes to more experiences becomes a reality, expanding social circles and fostering a sense of inclusion.

The combination of benefits will have a lasting positive impact on the user and make them feel more in control of their life again.

The Action Trackchair is the ultimate off-road 4×4 wheelchair for Australian conditions, bringing a range of benefits to users. Its biggest advantage is the positive impact on mental well-being as it encourages social interaction, easy movement, and a greater sense of freedom. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, connecting with others, or just enjoying the simple pleasure of moving around, the Action Trackchair is more than a mobility aid – it’s your key to more freedom.

And with the new Axis 30 coming to Australia, you have even more options to choose from!

Changing LIVES

Changing the lives of thousands of individuals

The Action Trackchair is patented for its design and functionality, with features unmatched on any other tracked or all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain.

Swing-up arms, adjustable footrests, accessory receivers surrounding the chair, 3 models, dozens of colour combinations, and many more options allow the customer to create a Trackchair that meets their needs.


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