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NSW Trails and National Parks To Visit With Your All-Terrain Wheelchair

Explore the numerous trails and national parks in New South Wales with the versatility of your all-terrain wheelchair. The Action Trackchair offers a renewed sense of freedom, independence, and mobility, allowing you to rediscover the joys of exploring the world. Nature enthusiasts will find an abundance of options to satisfy their love for the outdoors.

#1 Skywalk lookout

Make sure to include the Skywalk in your itinerary when you’re in New South Wales. This 70-metre boardwalk, elevated 21 metres above the rainforest canopy, provides breathtaking views of the Rosewood Rainforest. Don�t forget to pack your blanket and some food to enjoy a picnic before you head back out again.

#2 Dharawal National Park

Dharawal National Park holds significant cultural importance for Aboriginal people and offers an excellent destination for a day out. Situated in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, the park boasts gorges, waterfalls, upland swamps, woodlands, and rainforests. Follow the 2.8km sealed bitumen track for a return journey that leads to a stunning lookout, providing the perfect spot to pause and appreciate the surroundings.

#3 The Bay Run

Popular for good reason, the Bay Run is a 7.2km loop trail that is considered an easy but beautiful trail for everyone to enjoy. If you�re not looking for anything too strenuous, but still want to enjoy a day out exploring the area, then you can�t go wrong with the Bay Run. You�ll be surrounded by walkers, runners, people taking their dogs for a walk, and other wheelchair users because it�s one of the most versatile places to visit if you want some fresh air and exercise.

#4 Three Sisters Walk

The Three Sisters Walk, located within the Blue Mountains National Park, presents a moderately challenging yet perfect opportunity to try out your Action Trackchair. This beautiful trail is open year-round and invites exploration. Remember to bring your camera, as the trail provides one of the most iconic views in the area. While the walk is accessible with assistance from Echo Point to Oreades Lookout, reaching Honeymoon Bridge involves navigating sections with steep stairs.

#5 Royal National Park

In the Royal National Park, a wheelchair-friendly concrete path spans approximately 500 metres, catering to individuals of all ages. This accessible trail leads to a picturesque lookout showcasing the river and the surrounding parklands. The Royal National Park not only offers a great opportunity for birdwatching but also provides a serene environment to connect with nature. Teeming with wildlife, waterfalls, and wildflowers, a day spent here is bound to be unforgettable.

Enhance your trip to New South Wales by navigating these terrains with the convenience of your Action Trackchair all-terrain wheelchair. The mentioned trails and national parks are just a glimpse of what NSW has to offer, and the Action Trackchair ensures you won’t miss out on any exploration.

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