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Offroad Wheelchair Accessories Guide

The Action Trackchair stands out with its patented design and functionality, boasting the best features from an all-terrain wheelchair. Thanks to its electric tilt mechanism, users can maintain a level position while navigating hills and uneven surfaces.

With swing-up arms, adjustable footrests, accessory receivers encircling the chair, three distinct models, a variety of colour combinations, and numerous other customisable options, customers have the flexibility to tailor their off-road wheelchair to perfectly suit their needs.

Enhance your 4×4 wheelchair experience by exploring our array of accessories designed to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re unsure about the best choices for you, give us a call and we’ll happily help.

The Action Trackchair offroad wheelchair accessories guide

  • Gun Scabbard: Mount and remove effortlessly, providing excellent firearm protection during extended journeys to prime hunting spots.
  • LED Headlight: Illuminate your path at night with minimal battery usage, ensuring efficient navigation in the dark.
  • Hi-Low Gun Rack: Mountable on either side or the back, with varied bracket heights for safer firearm transport.
  • Utility Box with Brackets: Conveniently store essential items while travelling outdoors.
  •  Toggle Switch Box: Easy control for users with limited finger dexterity, featuring switches for tilting and LED headlight control.
  • Four-Point Harness Upgrade: Used to enhance security, this is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited upper body control.
  • Utility Tray with Bracket: Here you can keep frequently used items easily accessible while on the move.
  • Uni-Mount: A versatile mount for cameras, tablets, or utility trays, adjustable via four pivot points for ultimate manoeuvrability.
  • Oxygen Tank Holder: Securely fastens to the back of the Trackchair, accommodating tanks up to 4.5″ in diameter.
  • Goal Post Joystick: This joystick is perfect for a user with reduced hand grip as you simply operate the Trackchair with your wrist and arm movement.
  • Attendant Control: This enables a separate individual to stand behind the chair and control it for those unable to use the joystick.
  • Lateral Side Support: Adds padding to the chair’s side, promoting stability and offering security, suitable for children/young adults.
  • Type I or Type II tracks: Choose between knobby Type I for durability on slippery terrains or grooved Type II for a smoother ride on flat surfaces.
  • Transfer / Backpack Handle: Acts as a transfer handle or backpack hook, offering flexibility in use.
  • Fishing Rod Holder: Install quickly, and adjust vertically or horizontally, perfect for avid fishermen.
  • Front Wheel Kit: Provides an extra sense of security, ideal for children, young adults, or those new to off-road wheelchairs.
  • Flip-Up Footrest: Facilitates easier transfer by allowing the user to get closer to the Trackchair from their wheelchair.
  • Gun/Tool Holder: This holder securely transports various items and can be installed on either side or the back.
  • Umbrella Holder: Easily attachable to the back, the umbrella holder will provide shade or protection from the elements.
  • Custom Contoured Seating Upgrade: This upgrade offers lumbar and side support, available on select models for enhanced comfort.
  • Arm Rests with Pockets: Includes a Velcro pocket and beverage holder for added convenience.
  • Cup/Beverage Holder: A handy option for holding a beverage without the need for additional armrests.
  • 4″ Offset / Extension Plate: A versatile plate commonly used to extend the joystick for users with longer arms.
  • Lateral Leg Support: Fully adjustable supports for those needing extra leg stability.
  • Rear Utility Rack: Provides space for a 1000-watt gas generator or cooler on the back of the chair.
  • Cover with Carrying Bag: Durable, waterproof cover for protecting the Trackchair during transit or storage.
  • Head Rest: The head rest adds neck and head support, recommended for users 5’10” and taller or those with weaker upper body strength.

The Action Trackchair is unparalleled as an all-terrain wheelchair, tackling water, sand, mud, uphill, downhill, in the rain, and even in the snow. Since 2014, KCF Disability Engineering has proudly been part of the Action Trackchair team. Visit the website for more details, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Our friendly team is always happy to chat with you.

Changing LIVES

Changing the lives of thousands of individuals

The Action Trackchair is patented for its design and functionality, with features unmatched on any other tracked or all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain.

Swing-up arms, adjustable footrests, accessory receivers surrounding the chair, 3 models, dozens of colour combinations, and many more options allow the customer to create a Trackchair that meets their needs.


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