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The Advantages Of A Stand Up Wheelchair

Extended periods of sitting pose significant risks to overall health, affecting people regardless of whether they experience mobility challenges or not. Choosing a stand up wheelchair presents a solution with numerous health advantages unavailable in traditional wheelchair models. By incorporating standing functionality, these innovative wheelchairs not only provide mobility but also promote better circulation, muscle tone, and overall well-being. Making the switch to a stand up wheelchair represents a proactive step towards enhancing health and quality of life.

5 benefits of a stand up wheelchair

Increased blood flow

Insufficient blood circulation can result in a range of health problems when the body remains seated for extended periods. This is why standing desks have gained popularity in workplaces and why taking regular breaks to move around is advised. Our bodies are designed for movement, not prolonged stillness.

A stand-up wheelchair offers a simple solution, allowing users to transition easily from a seated to a standing position. This transition instantly boosts blood flow and reduces the risk of blood clots. By incorporating such wheelchairs into your life, you can actively safeguard your vascular health and experience improved overall well-being.

Helps with confidence

Mental health can be a challenge for those with mobility issues, as it often instils a sense of reliance on others for basic tasks. However, the introduction of a stand up wheelchair can significantly improve one’s quality of life by promoting independence.

The ability to stand up not only allows you to engage more comfortably in conversations at eye level with others but also grants you the freedom to carry out everyday activities independently. Whether it’s ordering a drink at a bar or reaching up to grab something from a shelf, these seemingly mundane tasks hold immense significance for wheelchair users.

For many able-bodied individuals, these tasks may be taken for granted, but for those with mobility challenges, they represent moments of empowerment and increased confidence. By providing the means to perform such actions autonomously, a stand up wheelchair becomes more than just a mobility aid—it becomes a tool for enhancing self-esteem and allows for a renewed sense of freedom.

Improves bladder function

Prolonged sitting can contribute to incomplete bladder emptying, potentially resulting in urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones, and embarrassing leakage issues. However, a stand up wheelchair offers a solution by facilitating complete bladder emptying. This not only reduces the risk of urinary complications but also enhances comfort and confidence for individuals using the wheelchair.

Increased bone density

Sitting for extended periods limits the body’s activity and misses out on opportunities for strengthening. Supporting one’s own body weight, such as through standing, is crucial for maintaining natural bone health. Bone density is bolstered by various factors, including physical activity. With a stand up wheelchair, the simple act of transitioning between sitting and standing promotes bone density and helps keep the body strong. By incorporating this movement into daily routines, you can actively contribute to the maintenance of your bone health and overall well-being.

Reduced spasms

Spasticity, characterised by an imbalance in the central nervous system that affects body movement, can be exacerbated by prolonged sitting. In such cases, a stand up wheelchair offers a valuable solution by facilitating movement and allowing the body to stretch and loosen. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, where individuals with spasticity may require physical assistance to stretch their muscles, a stand-up wheelchair empowers you to independently adjust your positions and perform stretching exercises.

Who can use a stand up wheelchair?

Before considering a stand up wheelchair as an option, always consult with your medical professional to ensure it’s suitable for your specific needs. You must be physically capable of supporting your weight with your lower body without experiencing any discomfort or complications.

While a stand up wheelchair can offer numerous benefits, it may not be advisable if you have certain conditions. For instance, individuals with rigidity issues that could hinder standing movements, or those with fractures or dislocations in the lower body, may find using a stand up wheelchair challenging or even risky. Similarly, if you have any conditions that cause instability during movement, a stand up wheelchair may not be the best choice for you.

However, if your medical practitioner gives you the green light to use a stand up wheelchair, you can look forward to experiencing the physical and mental advantages it provides. Always prioritise safety and consult with your healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding mobility aids.

Introducing the Action Trackstander TR

The Action Trackstander is the only all-terrain wheelchair on the market with the ability to bring the user into the standing position and can be driven while standing or sitting! It can do anything that the regular Action Trackchairs can do, but with the added option to stand. With four different sizes, dozens of colour combinations, and accessories to choose from, the Action Trackstander will arrive ready for any adventure! The standard features on an Action Trackstander include a four-point harness, dual-port USB charger, auxiliary tilt-on-the-fly mechanism, 20-amp battery charger, Type I or Type II tracks, cushioned armrests, padded knee supports, flip-up arms, zinc primer coat, and front/rear stability wheels. 

This is the perfect chair for those who want to continue working on the land, with animals, or in the shop. It can withstand all terrains, and also offers respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive health benefits from the standing position.

Changing LIVES

Changing the lives of thousands of individuals

The Action Trackchair is patented for its design and functionality, with features unmatched on any other tracked or all-terrain wheelchair. The electric tilt mechanism allows the user to easily stay level in their Trackchair while traversing hills and uneven terrain.

Swing-up arms, adjustable footrests, accessory receivers surrounding the chair, 3 models, dozens of colour combinations, and many more options allow the customer to create a Trackchair that meets their needs.


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